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ISTQB Dumps 2016

ISTQB Dumps 2016

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ISTQB Dumps 2016

Premium Question Sample No: 1
What is the main purpose of use case testing?
a. To identify defects in process flows related to typical use of the system.
b. To identify defects in the connections between components.
c. To identify defects in the system related to extreme scenarios.
d. To identify defects in the system related to the use of unapproved programming practices.
Answer: A

Premium Question Sample No: 2
A washing machine has three temperature bands for different kinds of fabrics:
— Fragile fabrics are washed at temperatures between 10 and 30 degrees Celsius;
— Normal fabrics are washed at temperatures between 31 and 60 degrees Celsius;
— Heavily soiled and tough fabrics are washed at temperatures between 61 and 100 degrees Celsius.
Which of the following contains only values that are in different equivalence partitions?
a. 10, 31, 55
b. 20, 65, 90
c. 25, 45, 77
d. 15, 30, 60
e. 9, 11, 101
Answer: C

Premium Question Sample No: 3
“Experience based” test design techniques, typically…
A. Use decision tables to generate the Boolean test conditions to be executed.
B. Identify the structure of the system or software at the component, integration or system level.
C. Use the skill, intuition and experience of the tester to derive the test cases, using error guessing
and exploratory testing.
D. Establish traceability from test conditions back to the specifications and requirements.
Answer: C

Premium Question Sample No: 4
Testers are often seen as the bearer of unwanted news regarding defects. What are the effective ways to improve the communication and relationship between testers and others?
a)Communicate factual information in a constructive way.
b)Try to understand how the other person feels and why they react the way they do.
c)Always outsource testing activities.
d)Never record information that could be used to apportion blame to an individual or team.
A. a and b
B. a, b and c
C. a, b and d
D. a and c
Answer: A

Premium Question Sample No: 5
Which of the following is a valid reason for writing test cases based on experience and intuition?
A. Use of formal techniques requires expensive training
B. Only experience can ensure all functionality is covered
C. Tests based on experience and intuition can supplement formal techniques
D. Formal techniques require the use of expensive tools
Answer: C

Premium Question Sample No: 6
Which of the following BEST describes the relationship between test planning and test execution?
A. Test planning ensures the level of detail in test procedures is appropriate for test execution
B. Test planning schedules test execution but does not assign resources
C. Test planning defines the overall approach to testing but does not schedule specific activities such as test execution
D. Test planning identifies test objectives related to scope and risk but does not define the level of detail for test procedures used in test execution
Answer: A

Premium Question Sample No: 7
Which of the following would be appropriate test objectives for user acceptance testing of the first release of a new software product aimed at a general market and built using Agile methods?
a.To identify as many defects as possible
b.To maximize code coverage
c.To ensure the product works as expected
d.To assess the overall quality of the product
e.To determine the reliability of the product
A. b and c
B. a and d
C. b and e
D. c and d
Answer: D

Premium Question Sample No: 8
Which of the following characteristics is most likely to promote effective software testing?
A. Independence from the production process
B. A belief that programmers always make mistakes
C. Knowledge of the number of defects typically found in a program
D. Confidence that the next stage will find defects missed at this stage
Answer: A

Premium Question Sample No: 9
Which of the following accurately defines the integration testing test level?
A. Test basis includes software and system design, test objects include interfaces, and tests concentrate on the interactions between different parts of a system
B. Test basis includes component requirements, test objects include database modules, and tests concentrate on the behaviour of the system as a whole.
C. Test basis includes business processes, test objects include system configuration and configuration data, and tests concentrate on establishing confidence in the system
D. Test basis includes use cases, test objects include user procedures and tests concentrate on a high level model of system behaviour
Answer: A

Premium Question Sample No: 10
An Android application identifies and counts all purchases of a particular product from a shopping website. The application incorrectly counts purchase attempts by including both failed attempts, and also those where the purchase was terminated by the user before completion. Testing has identified that the problem was located in the ‘purchase identification’ module, where the first stage in the purchasing process was counted, rather than a successful confirmed purchase after payment by the customer.
Which of the following statements correctly identifies what has happened? For more questions buy premium questions from website.
A. A defect in the purchase identification module caused by a mistake in the module specification led to a defect in the overall application.
B. An error by the programmer led to a mistake in the purchase identification module and this caused a defect in the application.
C. The application failed because of a defect in the purchase identification module caused by a programmer mistake or an error in the specification.
D. A bug in the purchase identification module caused a fault in the application.
Answer: C

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