Are you preparing for ISTQB Foundation Level Exam in 2015? If the answer is yes, you might want to know what changes that might happen in the year 2015 as far as the ISTQB Foundation Level Exam is concerned.

Few Changes that might be expected –

1. New ISTQB Syllabus in 2015.

2. Change in Exam pattern

3. Passing Marks

Now let us explain in detail-

1. New ISTQB Syllabus – ISTQB has not changed its syllabus since 2011. The same syllabus has been there for almost 4 years. We are really expecting some upgrade in syllabus, although there not been any official announcement yet on this matter. So be prepared for a new syllabus in 2015. If the new syllabus is implemented, it will not be a vast change from the previous one. There might be few changes, addition of new K-level items and some deletion of old items.

2. Change in Exam Pattern – ISTQB Foundation Level exam is a multiple choice, single answer format. ISTQB has been criticized for being simple and no-brainer exam by some testing thought leaders. We would not be surprised if the exam pattern is changed and some subjective questions are included. However, this would mean more work for exam evaluation. This would be a welcome change, but least likely.

3. Passing Marks – The foundation level consists of 40 questions and passing mark is 65%. There are some IT Certification exam where the passing mark is more than 70%, some are as high as 80%. ISTQB can follow the pattern and may increase the passing mark percentage. This mean the exam will be more difficult to crack and more preparation and clear understanding of the concepts will be required for the candidates.

ISTQB is one of the major Software Testing Certification program available today. As the domain of software testing is increasing day by day, ISTQB org is expected to make the changes with time. 2015 may see a vast change in ISTQB Foundation Level exam. The key is to prepare in advance. If you are already preparing for exam, don’t wait for the changes, go for the exam now in 2014.

How to prepare for the exam in 2015?

1. Get the ISTQB Dumps 2015 from a reliable source like our website.

2. Get a fill of the latest question pattern.

3. Read the new syllabus for 2015.

4. The syllabus also indicates new K-level items for each chapter.

5. Get Premium Self study guides from and pass the exam with high marks.

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    Also, can you be kind enough to tell me where can i check the exam dates in 2014 in Toronto, Canada.


    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      If you are appearing your exam from Prometric or Pearson, you will need to check on their website for the exam date.

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