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Question: I am from _xyz_ country. Is your premium self-study guide 2017 useful for my country's ISTQB exam?

Answer: Yes, our self-study guide 2017 is useful for all countries where ISTQB exam can be attempted. All the boards use the same syllabus, same exam pattern, same questioning guidelines, same number of questions, same passing marks, and same exam duration; probably even the same question bank. Our self-study package is based on the syllabus and applicable and helpful to all country boards.

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ISTQB Dumps 2017 – Latest Mock Test & Sample Papers

Introducing ISTQB Dumps 2017: Our newest premium self-study package for ISTQB Foundation Level. What is new in our Premium Self Study Package 2017? 1. Best ISTQB Books – Two new books recommended ISTQB Foundation Level Exam 2. New revised Questions available only from ISTQB.Guru website 3. 400+ Premium Questions (ISTQB Dumps revised for 2017) 4. Printable Flashcards [...]

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ISTQB 2017 Exam Dates and Test Center Locations in India

Indian Testing Board conducts ISTQB Certification Exams in various locations in India. Here is how you can get the exact ISTQB Exam Certification dates and test center location. Please contact Indian Testing Board for more details for specific exam dates in 2017. For ISTQB Foundation Level (CTFL) Exam visit this link for updated exam dates - For Advanced [...]

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Whatsapp Support Launched for Our Paid Customers

We have launched Whatsapp Support for our customers who buy premium materials from us. This is in addition to the support we are providing in our facebook page messaging service. Our aim at ISTQB.Guru is to provide world class customer service and help people with honest effort. The Whatsapp Support is another example of our commitment to the customers. [...]

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ISTQB Revamps Product Portfolio and Releases Roadmap

ISTQB - Core, Agile and Specialist Streams ISTQB released new product portfolios 2016 and released new roadmap for future. 3 vertical streams were introduced and existing and new exams are grouped under each one of them. Please see the new pattern below. Core, Agile and Specialist streams ISTQB will continue with existing Foundation, Advanced and Expert [...]

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