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Question: I am from _xyz_ country. Is your premium self-study guide 2017 useful for my country's ISTQB exam?

Answer: Yes, our self-study guide 2017 is useful for all countries where ISTQB exam can be attempted. All the boards use the same syllabus, same exam pattern, same questioning guidelines, same number of questions, same passing marks, and same exam duration; probably even the same question bank. Our self-study package is based on the syllabus and applicable and helpful to all country boards.

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Free Smartphone Apps for ISTQB Preparation

Download ISTQB Apps for Your Smartphone There are few free smartphone apps that can help you in ISTQB Exam preparation. These ISTQB apps are available free of cost from Android Google Play and iPhone App Store. Feel free to download/install these apps and use if for your exam preparation. Free ISTQB Apps Description Download Apps TEST [...]

ISTQB Dumps 2016 – Get Sample Premium Questions

Are you ready for ISTQB exam in 2016? We are ready with our new ISTQB Dumps 2016. We have revised our Premium Self Study Package with the latest ISTQB Dumps for 2016. We have also added a new ISTQB Book with our package. This is one of the best recommended books for ISTQB Foundation Level exam. [...]

What is ISTQB Certification?

What is ISTQB Certification? ISTQB certification is one of the most popular certification exams available today for software testers. It is an internationally accepted certification exam conducted by International Software Testing Qualifications Board. The ISTQB as an organization charters and controls the syllabus and scheme of the exam. Various national boards accredited under ISTQB conducts the exam in [...]

ISTQB Certification Exam – Step by Step Preparation Guide

What is ISTQB Certification Exam? ISTQB or International Software Testing Qualification Board exam is an exam conducted to test software tester's knowledge about testing. The exam is divided into Foundation, Advanced and Expert levels. There is an intermediate level in some countries but this is not very popular and is not mandatory. Any aspirant who wish [...]

ISTQB Certification Book PDF by Rex Black Dorothy Graham Free

Want to download ISTQB Certification Book PDF by Rex Black Dorothy Graham Free? ISTQB Foundation Level certification is becoming one of the most sought after certification exam for software testers around the world. Many software testers are trying to attempt this certification every day. One of the first steps to study for ISTQB certification is to [...]

ISTQB Training Course – ISTQB Training Materials, Cost

Many ISTQB aspirants asked us if they should attend ISTQB training courses or they should study the ISTQB training materials themselves and attempt the exam. Let us discuss each of the aspect before we try to answer this question. ISTQB Training Class or Self Study? ISTQB Training: ISTQB Training providers conduct classes usually 2-3 weeks courses. [...]

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Foundations of Software Testing ISTQB Certification 3rd Edition

Foundations of Software Testing ISTQB Certification Paperback || 3rd Edition || by Rex Black, Erik van Veenendaal, Dorothy Graham The 3rd of the book is in the market since January 2012 and is available for little over 105 US dollars in Amazon. In India the book is available from online stores like flipkart for Rs. 4500/-. [...]

New ISTQB Exam Pattern in 2015 – ISTQB Dumps 2015

Are you preparing for ISTQB Foundation Level Exam in 2015? If the answer is yes, you might want to know what changes that might happen in the year 2015 as far as the ISTQB Foundation Level Exam is concerned. Few Changes that might be expected - 1. New ISTQB Syllabus in 2015. 2. Change in Exam [...]

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ISTQB Certification Sample Question Papers With Answers

If you are preparing for ISTQB Foundation Level Certification Exam then here is 500 Sample Questions for your preparation. The questions are in pdf format. The first PDF contains 500 questions and the second pdf contains the answers to the 500 questions. Download the sample papers and start your preparation for ISTQB Foundation Level exam. Here [...]

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ISTQB Questions and Doubts – Post Your Questions

Please post your ISTQB Questions and Doubts here. Our team will try to answer your ISTQB related questions. Try to give as much information as possible about your question. Use your real name and email address (emails are not published publicly). Shoot your questions in the comment section. If you like our answers, hit the like button [...]

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