1. Amit

    Hi Team,

    I am struggling with one question related to statement coverage, could you please help on this. My feeling is the answer mentioned in the book is wrong. It’s chapter review question, 4th chapter and question no 13.

    Answer says statement coverage is 80% but not able to understand how it is 80%. According to me it should be 60%, have tried a lot but not able to understand how it is 80%. So could you please give little bit of explanation for this, shall be highly thankful to you.

    According to my view:

    Total paths needed to cover all the nodes = 5
    Paths covered with 3 test cases given in the question = 3
    % statement coverage = 3/5 > 60%

    But the answer is 80%, can you please give little bit of info around it.

    Question no is 13 from chapter 4 on page 120.

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Looks like you are confused between branch coverage and statement coverage. As per the diagram there are 5 possible branches and the test cases have covered 3 branches, so it is 60% percent. But if you look closely, there are 10 statements (each numbered 1 to 10) and the 3 test cases have covered 8 out of 10 statements. That is the reason statement coverage is 80%.

      Hope you now understand the concept.

  2. pam

    can you please provide explanation for this question. istqb paper 2
    14. How many test cases are necessary to cover all the possible sequences of
    statements (paths) for the following program fragment? Assume that the two
    conditions are independent of each other : –
    if (Condition 1)
    then statement 1
    else statement 2
    if (Condition 2)
    then statement 3
    a. 2 Test Cases
    b. 3 Test Cases
    c. 4 Test Cases
    d. Not achievable

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Assume the program like this –
      If the age is greater than 60 years
      Then provide 25% senior citizen discount (Statement 1)
      Else no discount (Statement 2)

      If the age is less than 5 years
      Then provide special seat (Statement 3)

      These are two independent code snippets. How many test cases do you require to cover the above statements? If you carefully choose to minimize the number of test cases, then 2 test cases would be enough. However, if it were an actual test scenario we will have more tests.

      What are those 2 test cases?
      1. Input age more than 60 (say 65 years). Covers statement 1.
      2. Input age less than 5 (say 4 years). Covers statement 2 and statement 3.

      Hope this helps.

  3. Sagar Lakdawala

    Most Probably m gonna give exam in Jan -15 End. You people have any idea about the updated syllabus? Are they gonna change in it? If it is please kindly update.

  4. Ashima

    Which of the following is the best source of Expected Outcomes for User
    Acceptance Test scripts?
    a) Actual results
    b) Program specification
    c) User requirements
    d) System specification

    To me it appears option C should be correct. However answer specifies option A

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Short answer: No.

      Long answer: Read the ISTQB Recommended book and there is a good example why it is not possible to test all combination of choices/inputs/scenarios.

  5. rohit

    i am looking for istqb question for practice. but for same question in certain website have different answer. so where should i go for practice where it is sure the answer is right. i am ready to pay. can u guide me for this it would be very helpful.

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      That is a difficult question to answer because we would not know which source you are talking about. But be assured that our premium questions/answers are prepared and reviewed by expert level ISTQB testers. They all have correct answers.

  6. Hemant

    Hi GURU,
    I’m writing ISTQB exam on 18 March 2015 on one of the pro metric centre in Bangalore.
    Could you please mail me latest Dump on my email Id.

  7. Ankit

    Tell me the ans of this below qus. I have solved couple of dumps from different sites. But in one site they have mentioned that A is correct & in another site the have mentioned B is correct. So i got confused which one is correct. Help me out
    when a new testing tool is purchased, it should be used first by
    A. A small team to established the best way to use the tool.
    B. Everyone who may eventually have some use for the tool.
    C. The independent testing team.
    D. Manager to see what project it should be used in

  8. Unknown

    I am planning to give the exam. I was wondering that Is it the “Complete ISTQB Certification Premium Study Package” same for ISEB-SWT2: ISTQB-ISEB Certified Tester Foundation Level and BCS Certified Tester Foundation Level 2011 ?????

    Thank you

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Yes applicable for both ISEB-SWT2: ISTQB-ISEB Certified Tester Foundation Level and BCS Certified Tester Foundation Level 2011.

  9. sukanya

    I m going to write the ISTQB exam in april first week. It will be update syllabus of 2015 or the old syllabus?

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      As of today, it will be the old syllabus of 2011. Even if it changes between now and April first week, your exam will be on the old syllabus as the new syllabus will be applicable for exam after couple of months once the syllabus is introduced.

  10. Mujidat

    Please, can i have an answer to this question?
    Who is essentially responsible for the quality of a product?
    a. Customer
    b. QA Manager
    c. Development Manager
    d. Test Manager

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      This is a wrong question. Everyone should be responsible for quality. Even customers by giving feedback by reviews/complaints contribute to quality of a product.

  11. Leah

    What information need not be included in a test incident report:
    a) how to fix the fault
    b) how to reproduce the fault
    c) test environment details
    d) severity, priority
    e) the actual and expected outcomes
    My answer is A. However, the answer in the sample paper is E.

  12. Ram


    What is the difference between the materials for UK board and the Indian board ? can you please clarifiy this . Is it possible to appear for an exam in Pearsonvue (SEB-SWT2: ISTQB-ISEB Certified Tester Foundation Level.) with indian board premium package ?

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Technically no difference. Our premium study materials are designed to cater all exam boards. You can go for Pearsonvue exam with our materials.

  13. amrutha

    it’s mentioned in the exam rules that if english is not the native language, duration of exam will be 75 minutes .. if i go for that ,wil there be any change in my certificate .. i mean wil they mention it in my certificate . if they do, it will b certainly a black mark if i go for interviews considering my communication skill as poor.hav u gt ny idea regarding dat. will the certificate be same as those who attend the exam for a duration of 40 min…

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      No, there is no change in the certificate you get irrespective of the duration allowed in the exam. Your native language not being English has nothing to do with your communication skills. The certificate will not mention anything about that.

  14. Maria

    Will you please answer this for me?
    Which of the following statements about component testing is not true?
    a. Component testing should be performed by development
    b. Component testing is also know as isolation or module testing
    c. Component testing should have completion criteria planned
    d. Component testing does not involve regression testing

    The answer in the sample paper is D, but I believe that also A is not correct because in the ISTQB syllabus says “Component testing is done by the tester”.

    Thank you

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Component testing or unit testing (white box) is primarily conducted by developers. Testers can also perform component testing but in this context the correct answer is D.

      1. VietNguyen

        a. Component testing should be performed by development
        Development includes both tester and developer. So don’t think development equal to developers only. Development means the whole team who building the product so tester is also a part of this team.

        1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

          Agree. Programmers, instead of developers should have been a correct working in the question itself.

  15. Petr

    Hi again. I have one more question regarding this task: you have been given a decision table with the following input conditions:
    – male
    – over 21
    – over 65
    What’s statement the best describe a full coverage?
    I don’t remember variants but they consists the following thoughts: 4 old boy, a teenager girl, 32 old woman, over 90 man etc.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Since your question is incomplete, with the present information I would go with “over 90 man” as this covers all the conditions in the question.

  16. Petr

    Which is not a valid environment for Interoperability testing?

    A Hardware ￿
    B Software ￿
    C Middleware ￿
    D COTS

    I guess, it’s D.

    testers usability skills should include all but which of the following?

    A Psychology ￿
    B Sociology ￿
    C Economics ￿
    D Ergonomics

    I guess, it’s A,B, D.
    Am I correct?

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      For the first one D is correct.
      For the 2nd one the answer is C. Please not that the ‘but’ in the question.

  17. sowjanya

    one key reason why developers have difficulty testing their own work?
    A lack of technical documentation
    B lack of test tools
    C lack of training
    D lack of objectivity
    the given answers is C but i thought it is D .can u please tell the right answer?

  18. Siva

    please send me the sample questions for ISTQB Advanced Level – Test Manager to my email – [email protected]

    I has completed ISTQB FL certifcation & now i can apply directly ISTQB TM certification or any other suggestions.

  19. Sasi

    Hi ISTQB team,
    I have a doubt on below queation,please explain this question.
    I think answer is test summary report because test progress activities are reported in summary report(a),but the given answer is (c) inciden report..can u please clarify this.

    Which summarizes the testing activities associated with one or more test design specifications.

    A.Test Summary report
    B. Test Log
    C. Test Incident Report
    D. Test Script

  20. M R V M

    2016 paid study material – is it a hard copy or soft copy? are there any sample question papers in there and if there are how many papers or questions?

  21. maha

    Exam – CTFL_001_IND (ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level (Syllabus 2011, IND only))

    Is this belongs to istqb foundation level?

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