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ISTQB Guru Presents the ULTIMATE ISTQB Study Guide 2018 to Crack ISTQB Foundation Level

with step by step process to pass the exam in your first attempt

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Now with new questions for 2018 exams

In the past year alone, hundreds of ISTQB aspirants failed to clear the exam because of lack knowledge and inadequate preparation for the exam.

ISTQB Exam is pattern is ever changing every year and –

  • You are trying to attempt the ISTQB Foundation Level exam but no much time to study
  • You don’t know how and where to start your preparation from
  • You are not sure about the exam pattern and latest changes
  • You are worried about spending money on expensive training and books
  • You have no time to google and gather study materials for ISTQB exam
  • You are not sure what the easiest and quickest ways are to prepare for ISTQB exam

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ISTQB Self Study Guide, 2018 Edition

ISTQB Dumps 2018by ISTQB Guru Team

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What is included in the package?

  • Most recommended 2 ebooks for foundation level exam
  • 1300+ Practice Sample Questions and Answers
  • 600+ Premium ISTQB Dumps 2018 from the recent exams (with Answers)
  • Secret tips to solve common questions including White Box testing topics
  • Printable Flashcards that you can use for easy reference
  • Audio Files (MP3) for common testing terms
  • All Official Syllabus and Glossary lists
  • The package includes everything that you will need, organized for easy preparation.
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Here’s What You Will Get:

  • Learn how to quickly revise the most useful study materials for ISTQB Exam
  • Learn the tips and tricks for passing the exam in your first attempt
  • Prepare common ISTQB Exam questions and know how to answer them
  • Discover how the techniques to solve White Box Testing questions
  • Understand the ISTQB exam patterns by looking at actual and latest ISTQB Sample Papers
  • Optimizing your preparation by using our printable flash cards and listening to our MP3 files
  • ​Little know exam tips that only an experienced ISTQB Certified Tester could tell you
  • Well-organized study materials, easy to understand and remember
  • Audio MP3 files – Prepare in full throttle mode.

Who are the team behind ISTQB Guru?

Since 2009, ISTQB Guru team has been creating and publishing ISTQB Study materials for Foundation Level Exams. Our team comprises of highly experienced software testers working in India, UK and USA. Our team of certified testers are associated with various ISTQB national boards. The study materials are created based on latest ISTQB Syllabus and current exam patterns. Our ISTQB study materials have consistently delivered 100% success rate year after year for last 8 years.

Consider some statistics below –

  • Over 7,900 buyers since 2009.
  • 100% customer satisfaction rating.
  • 8th Year in Training Services.
  • 3600+ positive reviews!

We have helped thousands of software testers around the world successfully pass ISTQB Foundation Level (CTFL) exam. They include highly experience testers as well as fresh graduates who wanted to advance their career in software testing. Everyone who used our self-study guide got immense help in their ISTQB exam preparation. It saves time and money.

Here are some testimonials from our highly satisfied customers

(Real reviews from our testimonial page)

Anand Sharma

I was thinking why I should pay for something which were available free of cost in the internet. But when I actually bought it I found ISTQB Guru’s study guide was very different from the normal dumps available in Google.
The materials were well organized and perfectly packaged for someone who wants to clear the exam quickly and without much effort of finding the right study materials. It made my preparation 10 times faster and easier.
The best part of the study guide was all the recommended books and premium questions with answers. You can go through them and you are ready for the exam.
Also the inclusion of audio and video tutorials made it easy for me to go over the key concepts in a fun and enjoyable manner.
I would recommend this study guide to everyone going for ISTQB Foundation Level exams. This will be the best investment you make on your testing career.

Matt Williams

There are so many websites offering the dumps for ISTQB exams. I wasn’t sure if I would get the package as promised after sending money through paypal. But they immediately sent the package withing few hours to my email id.
I was surprised by the way they organized the materials including all the important materials needed for the exam. It is worth the money to get everything in one place.
With only 20 days of preparation with ISTQB Guru’s materials, I attempted my exam today and passed it with flying colors.
If you are looking for a complete self study guide, this is the one you should buy.

Alexander Smirnov

I had purchased a book called “Sample Exam Questions: ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level” from Amazon. The 50 dollars book turned out to be a total crap. So I was naturally skeptical about investing more money in buying another study guide. But after my facebook chat with the guys from ISTQB Guru, I was convinced to give it a try.
ISTQB Guru’s complete self-study guide is 100 times better than any other books available on Amazon or other brain dumps sites. They have collected the best materials and prepared it so as to help the candidates pass the exam in their first attempt.
Also the bonus items included are worth more than the actual items I paid for. So here is a fantastic product that I will recommend everyone to use it, even if you are already reading other books for preparation.

Amit Pandey

I have bought this guide book for the last minute preparation for my exam and it really helped me to clear the exam. Most of the exam questions are similar to sample questions. Worth the money, saves lots of time.

Manisha Sood

After struggling to gather ISTQB Study materials from internet, I stumbled upon this website. I found everything that I need for my preparation at one nicely packaged zip file. Thank you ISTQB Guru for the effort. Time is the most expensive asset and I think by spending few bucks here, everyone can save weeks of effort and use it for actual preparation. Five star for the collection of all that is needed for ISTQB Foundation level and latest ISTQB dumps.


Premium questions are very useful in clearing the exam.
I recommend your material to everyone! I used your material as a revision and liked your stuff.
Thanks for the material.

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