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ISTQB Foundation Level Study Guide 2017

“A Complete Study Material Package for ISTQB Foundation Level Exam.”

ISTQB Guru reviews

ISTQB Guru Reviews

Rated 4.95/5 based on 2585 reviews since 2009.

Are you looking for ISTQB Preparation Material and dumps – all in one place? This is the best ever original collection of ISTQB study material compiled by a senior software testers (ISTQB subject matter expert and coach from an MNC).

Latest Question Pattern – Our questions are prepared based on latest ISTQB Foundation Level Syllabus 2011. Questions are prepared after carefully observing the past question patterns and sample questions prepared and available in the ISTQB official site for each of the six chapter from the syllabus. All types of questions based on K1, K2 and K3 category objectives as required by the ISTQB exam.

Number of Preparatory Questions – The exact number of questions change because we keep on adding new questions and delete old questions. Old questions become a part of my free sample papers. Currently I have 430+ questions which are not yet published in free sample paper sections and they are very useful for the actual exams. New ISTQB Dumps are included frequently.

Extra Preparation Materials/ ISTQB Study Materials – Along with questions, our study material bundle includes the study materials and premium ISTQB dumps for 2017. Full list given below –

What is this sure pass ISTQB Dumps? What are included?

The package contains –
1. More than 400 premium questions (now revised for 2017, includes ISTQB dumps 2016)
2. 1600+ Sample ISTQB questions for practice (500 ISTQB Sample Questions with answers included)
3. Best ISTQB Book for preparation (2 books)
4. Special Printable Cards for easy remembering Key Concepts
5. How to solve Statement & Branch Coverage problem
6. ISTQB Study Materials, Syllabus and ISTQB Preparation Guide
7. Fully featured VIDEO course included
8. Fully revised ISTQB Certification exam study material

All in an Instantly downloadable zip file for ISTQB Foundation Level Dumps 2017 (Premium ISTQB Study Guide)

Bonus: More than 10 Software Testing Related Books, best selection ever ($150 value in total).
Bonus: Ebook on “201 Software Testing Interview Questions & Answers”

Why get the study materials from me – Our team is working on ISTQB preparation guide since the beginning of 2009 and it is the pioneer site to give full information about ISTQB exam. All other site have copied my ISTQB Sample Papers and study guides. Our content and questions/dumps are original and you will get it first hand from us.

Passing Rate – Till now everyone who have purchased the study material, have passed. No one failed till date and everyone passed on their first ISTQB certification exam attempt.

How do you get it – Since we are running multiple sites and we need to pay for maintaining the sites, we are seeking a small donation of 39.95 USD for our study material package.

Please do not ask us to send you the premium study materials free of cost in the comment section. The premium study material is available only to donors who have donated 39.95 USD for our site. 

You can donate in Indian Bank transfer or paypal. Download directly.

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Stop yourself trying to figure out how to succeed in your ISTQB Exam. Instead, take benefit of this study guide which has helped over thousands of ISTQB aspirants since 2009.

Who should use this study guide?

Anyone who is attempting ISTQB Foundation Level for any country board such as ASTQB (USA), ITB (India), ANZTB (Australia/New Zealand) , Canada, UKTB (UK) or any other boards/countries. The ISTQB Foundation Level syllabus is same everywhere and these study materials is good for passing the Foundation Level exam anywhere. Buy now.


  1. Jimmy

    Fantastic materials. Looks like you have put together all the best study materials for quick and systematic preparation.

    I found it more useful than to search for old dumps from hundreds of site. This is everything in one place. A real value for money.

    Thank you Guru.

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Thanks for the feedback Jimmy. We are really happy that our study guide helped you in your preparation. Thumbs up.

      1. Fabi

        Hi is It still possible to get free dumps for isqtb 2015? Or Did u already give 100 away? My Name is Fabi and i got 24 points on the test 2 points from passing the test. I am happy with the result, 1 year ago i did not know anything about IT or test or computers. Now i almost passed. I am going to try agan here in sweden. I Would be so happy IF i could get free dumps for 2015, please let me know.

        1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

          Hi Fabi, we have stopped giving away free premium dumps. You may purchase the same from us. Thanks for understanding.

      1. Vasavi

        Hi Guru,

        I filled the mandatory fields in the form and haven’t got the Foundation Level Dumps yet. Am I missing something? Please advise.

          1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

            Please click on buy now link on our site and submit the details. We will get back to you.

    1. vihaan

      Hi Richard ,congrts for passing the exam.I also live in UK and planning to give exam with in this month.Could you pls share your Experience about exam and this study material.

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Our study materials are useful for all locations. Please submit your questions using our contact us page. We would be happy to answer your questions. Also you can see our FAQ section in the site. Thanks for the interest.

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Thanks for the interest. Our study materials are useful for all locations. Please submit your questions using our contact us page. We would be happy to answer your questions. Also you can see our FAQ section in the site.

  2. Ryan

    Are the questions broken down by topic in the Foundation Level Syllabus (1-6)? Are the questions suitable for the ASTQB (American)?

  3. Vasavi

    I filled out the form for the premium study materials and haven’t received any email. Please let me know how and where to do the payment.

  4. Suresh

    I am planning to write ISTQB Foundation exam in USA. Can you please give me your account to transfer money. After that please send me the latest dump. Thanks

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Thanks for the interest. Our study materials are useful for all locations. Please submit your questions using our contact us page. We would be happy to answer your questions. Also you can see our FAQ section in the site.

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Thanks for the interest. Our study materials are useful for all locations. Please submit your questions using our contact us page. We would be happy to answer your questions. Also you can see our FAQ section in the site.

  5. Sunil

    I am planning to write ISTQB foundation exam in India.
    now i am job seeker , don’t have such money to purchase premium copy of dump.
    anyone of you can me help me , where i can get old dump that will be free of cost.

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Thanks for the interest. Our study materials are useful for all locations. Please submit your questions using our contact us page. We would be happy to answer your questions. Also you can see our FAQ section in the site.

  6. Mohit Sharma

    I am happy to inform you that I passed my exam and the Premium Material provided by the Guru really works. It helped me a lot in my preparation for the exam. Thanks again.

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Thanks Mohit. We are happy to know that the premium study materials helped you in your preparation.

  7. Claudio Restaino

    I filled out the form for the premium study materials and haven’t received any email. Please let me know how and where to do the payment.

  8. Anurag Saxena

    I recommend every student to take this material as it helped me a lot in clearing my exam. Thanks ISTQB Guru. Keep this Good Work up…

  9. Rohan Rohilla

    Printable Flash cards helped me remember the key concepts and questions gives me actual feel of attempting the exam. Thanks Guru with help of the material i cleared my exam.

  10. Viclin

    Is this material and questions suitable for istqb in Singapore? I am planning to write the exam. Is this material suitable? if so , would like to buy, pls do let me know. Thanks

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Hi Viclin, our materials are helpful for preparation for any location. Please submit the form in contact us page and we will be happy to answer your doubts.

  11. Mukesh Kumar

    Thanks a lot for the valuable information provided. I have completed my ISTQB foundation level. Flash Cards helps a lot in understanding.

  12. Soni srivastava

    I want to appear for istqb exam in India delhi,please let me know how much this document is useful for India and how will I get the material after paying money

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Hi Soni,

      Thanks for your interest in our premium material. It is useful for all countries/boards. Please contact us using the contact form and we will be happy to assist you.

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Hi Jake,
      Thanks for the donation. We have just sent you the zipped file. Please confirm receipt. Good luck for your exam.

  13. Ravi K

    HI Guru,

    I Would like to avail the premium study material for ISTQB/ISEB (UK Board) Foundation level. I had enrolled for the examination in NIIT Chennai . i had already mailed you regarding my interest to avail the material. Pls do the needful at the earliest. Thanks for your support.

  14. jyothi

    Hi guru,
    I’m preparing to write ISTQB certification with self preparation.i have some questions regarding the exam,can you guide me here.
    I’m in United States.when i checked about the exam,here it is ASTQB instead of ISTQB.Are they same? if not what is the difference?
    I came to know about you from the blog and i would like to purchase the dumps from you.I haven’t register yet for the exam.
    What do you suggest?prepare with the dump and register or register and then buy dump?
    Does the dump comes with the answers?

    Your advice will be great full…

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      We can accept paypal or bank transfer. Please send your information using our contact us form. We will send you the details.

  15. Chaitanya Kulkarni

    ISTQB Foundation level material that you provide is useful for GASQ (global association for software quality) ISTQB Foundation Level Exam …
    I am applying for GASQ ISTQB Foundation level exam from Pune Maharashtra India.

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      As long as they are using ISTQB syllabus, our materials are useful for any certification board. Please submit a contact us form and we will answer any specific questions you might have.

  16. Sangeetha

    Hi Guru,
    I am preparing to write ISTQB foundation level certification. I have some questions regarding the exam, I haven’t register yet for the exam.What do you suggest? prepare with the dump and register or register and then buy dump?
    If i get dumps(2014) now and if i take up my exam on 2015, will the syllabus gets changed?

    Please advice..

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Hi Sangeetha,
      The syllabus has not be changed since 2011. And we are not sure when the syllabus will change. We are expecting a change soon.
      To answer your question, if you take our materials for 2014 and if you appear in your exam in 2015, we will give you the updated premium questions if they change within 6 months of purchase.
      So if I were you, I will buy the study materials now and start preparing for the exam. When you go for the actual exam you can write back to see if we have updated the materials so you get the latest one free within 6 months. How does that sound?

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      This is a collection of best available study materials. Books/premium questions/flash card/audio materials etc. This will be helpful for your country too.

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Our recommendation would be to have at least 2 weeks of dedicated preparation time. Read the syllabus and the book and solve the premium questions.

        1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

          You can use our free samples. We are no longer giving away free premium materials. You can purchase if you would like.

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Both are same. Don’t worry about the cover color. Yellow one is the new edition.

      If you have additional questions, please submit a contact us form. We will answer in detail.

  17. Poonam


    I had attempted for foundation level ISTQB examination but failed, will this book help me to crack the exam ? I m really tensed and need to do my certification by this dec. So can I rely on this book for my next attempt

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Hi Poonam,

      How did you prepare for your exam? Our premium study material will definitely help you in passing the exam. Please submit a contact us form if you want to purchase our self study guide.


  18. Aneel Shah

    Hey Guru, I liked you Premium material which helped me in clearing my exam. Most imp. part of your Material is Special Printable Cards. Keep This good work up… and i also recommend the same to others.

  19. Gurlingappa

    Hi i applied for this book but i got mail to gmail but don’t know how to buy this book, please send link to buy this book and my exam is on 10th December 2014. I need book ASAP.

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      If you have submitted the contact us form with proper information, we will send you the detailed steps. Please use proper email id so that we can reply back.

  20. Shahbaz Ahmad

    Hi Guru, I am very glad to inform you that I have Cleared the ISTQB exam. I am very grateful to you. It is just possible because of your help and Premium material…..thank you very much.

  21. pranav

    Hi Guru,

    I have send a request for the Premium material, i am residing in USA California and my exam date is Dec 1. so can you please reply to my request

  22. Kavana

    Hi Guru

    I have already purchased the ISTQB study materials from you and I have studied the premium questions mostly… Is that sufficient for the exams or should I also study the complete book, before taking up the exam

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Hi Kavana,

      You should read the whole book. That gives you two advantages – 1. That is a very good book for understanding the testing concepts. Those will help you in long run. 2. That book is written based on ISTQB syllabus. Most helpful in exam when you understand the key concepts. You will be able to answer any types and variations of questions.

      Read everything provided in the premium package. That would be our advice.

  23. Pradeep

    Hello Sir myself pradeep here…I have taken exam dat on 4th Jan I have already started studies just can you send this book asap through postal also wanted to ask this book is only for foundation level or for all three levels i.e foundation,advanced,expert..please help

    Thanks & regards;

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      This package is only for foundation level. If you would like to purchase, please submit the contact us form.

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Yes, this is a complete soft copy package. Helps us delivering the material worldwide in a downloadable zipped file.

  24. Nava

    Hi, I applied for this book in you contact us info. please send me the link to buy this book. I need the book ASAP please.


  25. Prathyusha

    Hi, I’ve requested you to send me the premium material by filling the above form..Can you please send me that ASAP.


      1. PSB

        Dear Guru – I have been with IT Industry almost 15+ years and would like to take QA TEST MANAGER Exam. Could you please provide directions with material ….dumps, flash cards…etc? ISTQB exam includes Jr, Mid and Expert level? i do not need low level exam…so can i enroll only Sr or expert level? Thanks in advance

        1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

          ISTQB does not allow attempting advanced level exam if you have not passed the foundation level. You will need to attempt the foundation level first, should be an easy task for you having 15 years in testing.

  26. mano

    Hi ISTQB Guru,
    I am looking for Study materials & Dumps for ISTQB Advanced level-Test Manager exam. Will you be able to help ?

  27. Nava

    Hi Guru, I am very glad to inform you that I have Cleared the ISTQB exam. your martials 100% valid in Canada through Prometric. All are questions are came form your premium package.

    Thank you once again

    1. ramesh

      Hi Nava

      As you said, the questions came from directly from premium package, which means, is it from Premium Questions folder from the package? Also, did you get the same questions or same type of questions from the Premium Questions folder? I am going to give the test very soon and just want to take your guidence. Please reply. Thank you.

  28. love shah

    hello all,
    please give a proper information.i m confused.
    now i have prepare the istqb foundation level.
    which book is proper for study guide.
    is #rexblack# 3rd edition book is right..???

  29. Venu

    Hi Team,

    I am planning to take this one. Will the questions directly comes from this package or its just a reference.

    Please let me know ASAP.

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Depends on where you are taking the exam from. Please send us an email. We will answer your additional questions.

  30. Prathyusha

    Hello Team, Thanks for the material and i’ve passed my exam in the first attempt from Pearson Vue board. Your material surely helped me a lot and the flash cards are so good and easy to remember. Now awaiting my certificate!!

  31. neetu


    I am going to appear for Test Manager Advance level from India. Please guide the dump available on this site is the latest.

    Please provide me the link to download the dump.


  32. Divya


    I plan to give the Foundation Level exam in India. However, I will be moving to Canada soon

    1. Will this certification be recognized in Canada as well?
    2. Your premium study material is for Foundation Level. Do you have a similar one for the Advanced Level? I plan to give that too.

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      1. Will this certification be recognized in Canada as well? – Yes. Please read the FAQ section in this site.
      2. Your premium study material is for Foundation Level. Do you have a similar one for the Advanced Level? – No, we don’t have premium study guide for Advanced level yet.

  33. Jonathan DiRusso

    I need to purchase this premium guide tonight i have an exam in one day from now. I have sent 2 requests to make payment, is there anyway you can get this to me tonight. Thanks

  34. pavani

    I got 10 days time to prepare for istqb foundation level exam,is this material be enough to prepare and write the exam.
    thank you

      1. Adnan

        Hello Guru,

        I have send my payment already. Please send me the materials as soon as possible so that I will start study.


        1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

          Sure, once your payment is verified, we will drop the material to your inbox. Good luck with the preparation.

  35. Ajay

    Hi ,

    Once the payment is verified then can i get the material through email? or you guys send the hard copies only (since i want the material quickly so i want it to be sent through email)

    Please suggest.


  36. megha Srivastava


    I am working as Testing professional. I want to get ISTQB certification. Can you please send me latest test dumps/study material. If not caould you please let me know the names of the book or any link where i can buy it. Any help will be appreciated.


    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      We send the materials almost immediately during the business hours. However, please allow us 24 hours at max to send you the materials once payment is realized. We never delay intentionally.

  37. Sasidhar

    Hi Guru,
    Recently I have appeared the ISTQB exam in India but failed with short of 6marks, so I’m thinking to buy your Premium Book. Just want to know is this Premium book is updated with Latest questions 2015 Indian Edition ? & How you are going to send this book by post or PDF File? & How much it costs ?
    Thank You !! Waiting for an Response.

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      1. Our premium study guide covers all exam board.
      2. We will send you a bunch of soft copies that includes pdf and non-pdf document types.
      3. 35 dollars or 1850 rupees based on how you want to pay.

  38. Uma

    Hi Guru,

    I have submitted request for ANZ Testing board. Could you send us materials at the earliest. I have booked exam on 27th October. How can I make payment?


  39. Yontine

    I just filled out the form to purchase the premium study guide for the exam earlier today and I was wondering when I will receive a response. Thanks!!!

  40. Jessica

    Hello, I filled the mandatory fields in the form and haven’t received any email about the purchase. Could you help me?

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Hi Jessica, our records indicate that we have sent the materials to you. Good luck with your exam. 🙂

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      The mail got deleted? Not sure how we can help you on that Did you accidentally deleted it?
      If they premium questions are asking for password, password for the same is provided in the text file. Please see that file.

      If you are still facing any issue, feel free to contact using the same email id you had communicated with us earlier.

  41. malapatisivaramprasad

    Hi ISTQB Guru I am looking for same kind of material to ISTQB advance level Certifications.If you provide premium books for Advance level ISTQB certifications especially Test Manager please do let me know, I am keen to buy.

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      We don’t have that ready yet. We are working on Agile Tester Extension and Certified Mobile Application Tester Certification now.

  42. Research dadd

    Am writing this exam in February 2016. I just want u to advice me if to buy this materials now or wait a little bit should in case u want to do some update on the material

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Get it now. We will give you free update if there is any change before your actual exam. You just need to reply to us on the same email where you received the first study materials.

  43. QA


    I wish to appear exam in the next year 2016, Is this study material helpful ? Or 2016 ISTQB course will change?

    Waiting for your reply.

  44. anant


    I am facing problem to make payment and I did sent email yesterday for same. Can you please reply me asap?

    Thank you.

  45. Apurva Magar

    Am planning to give ISTQB and have few questions:-
    1. I haven’t register for the exam. Shall i register first and then get these dumps or prepare using these dumps and then register?
    2. does these dumps comes with answers?
    3. are these dumps enough to prepare for the exam?

    Waiting for your reply.
    Thanks in advance!!

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      1. First Get the Premium study materials. When you are ready with your preparation, then register for the exam.
      2. Yes all questions have answers.
      3. Yes. It is not only dumps, there are other materials and guides/tips that should help you in the preparation.

          1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

            Thanks for the confirmation. It takes few business hours to reflect the payment. We will send you the materials as soon as the payment is available in our account. Thanks for your support.

          2. Srikanth G

            Hi Team,
            Have done the payment yesterday evening using IMPS (which is instant transfer)…
            This should have credited amount instantly….

            Please verify & send the material… have scheduled exam next week.

            Srikanth G

          3. Srikanth G

            Thanks team.

            Team can you also please guide me in preparing ISTQB Advanced Level Certifications?
            Waiting for your reply.

            Srikanth G

  46. Prachi


    This question appears in DEc 2015, ISTQ exam in INDIA, can anyone please provide the Correct answer.

    Question: When should Maintenance Testing should be performed:
    A) Change in Software.
    B) Change in Hardware
    C) Change in Operating system.
    D) Vulnerable requirement change at the time of Project release.
    E) not able to recollect the option (E), but it was tricky.

    Please provide the correct answer, I am really looking for that.

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Maintenance testing triggers when an existing software system is changed/fixed, any kind operating system or database migration happens etc. In this context option A and C seem to be the correct choices. But without knowing the exact information of option E, it would be impossible to tell you the correct answer. I would assume option E had something related to both A and C, that would make a complete answer. Please refer to page 30 in ISTQB Foundation Level syllabus for details on Maintenance testing.

  47. ancapomarancanja

    Hi, I am willing to buy, but prior to pay for the Complete ISTQB Certification Premium Study Package, can you please list which books are included in the package?

    Another thing, I suppose the books are in PDF. Are they good quality? I mean, i saw a lot of istqb pdf book on internet and are not really good looking (not as originals for sure). Like, missing tables, graphics and so on.

    Thank you very much

  48. preety kumari

    Hi Guru,i have given two time istqb exam but still is not clear ,i don’t know how to clear that please let me know i am totally confuse because both time i got 25.
    thanking you

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Yes. Please write to us with your questions instead of commenting using different names from the same IP.

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      It is a downloadable soft copy collection, organized in step by step folder for easy preparation.

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Hello Mr/s Smarty.
      All the while you have been doing is commenting using the name ‘NEED URGENTLY’. Our spam blocker filters out those kinds of comments. Please use plausible name while commenting in this site or other sites. And we don’t approve and reply to spammers.
      When in urgent, please send us mail using contact us form.

  49. Indu


    I have a query – will these 400+ questions help us in getting through with the ISTQB exam?

    Or should I need to read those books as well.

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      What is your objective to pass ISTQB exam? Just to pass the exam by reading some questions or to make yourself knowledgeable to testing fundamentals? If I were you, I would read everything possible, not just to pass the exam but to know more about my subject.

  50. srikanth G

    Hi Mr Guru,
    I made the payment through PayPal,Please advice when can i expect to receive it? AS my exam is scheduled next week.

    Thank You
    Srikanth .

  51. Ann


    I have several questions.

    1. Can I pass the exam using only this book ?
    2. Is this book only for Foundation level or can we use it both for Advanced and Expert level exam ?
    3. Is this pdf ?
    4. How much time it will take to get this book?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      1. Yes you can. But read it seriously. Just buying the book does not mean you will pass. 🙂
      2. Foundation Level only.
      3. It is collection of pdfs (Books, question papers/answers, flash cards, mp3 audio files, exam guides, syllabus).
      4. Within 24 hours after you make the payment.

      Click on buy now button and submit your details. We will get back to you with the payment details.


  52. Ann


    I have contacted you for the premium materials, but still no reply.

    Is everything Ok, have you received it ?

    Thank you,

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Hi Ann,

      We are getting undelivered message to your email. Please submit the form again. We are not sure if there is any mistake in the email id you have used while submitting. Thanks for understanding.

  53. chinmoyee bhattacharjee

    hi,I am preparing for ISTQB Advanced test analyst and technical test analyst certification.Can you please suggest me how to prepare for this and get succeeded in one go.If possible suggest dump material or reference book.

  54. Ann


    The first book is not full, starting from Glossary part is missing. I have contacted you through email. Please send me the whole book.


    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Glossary gets updated frequently, so we have removed it from the main book. It is included separately with the package. You will find the latest one in the 2nd folder. Thanks.

      1. Ann

        Thank you for materials. They are very helpful. Could you please say if the first pdf of Premium questions (Premium-Questions-by-ISTQB.Guru_01.pdf) are only for foundation level ? (Seemed that some of them are from advanced).

        1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

          Those are based on latest exam pattern. Some scenario based questions are included in the exam.

  55. Smaranika

    Is hard copy of the material is included in the package. If not please suggest how to get the hard copy of the book

  56. rehan ali chaudhry

    myself rehan from pakistan i want to buy this premium package 35$ but in countries list pakistan is not mentioned what to do?

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      This list does not have all the countries. But the material is valid for all countries.

  57. Shobha

    I am looking for updated for 2016 Exam ISTQB Study Material (Foundation Level) with bonus: Audio MP3 files for your smart phone/car. Listen to key concepts in your leisure time but not able to find link to buy through Paypal for USA testing board

    [email protected]

  58. Manjari


    Would you be sending hard copies of the material or is it only soft copy? If hard copy is available, how long would it take to receive the material in bangalore, if I make the payment immediately? Please respond.


    1. Manjari


      Just now read your earlier comment that its only digital copy. Cool. Hope I will receive the link immediately.


  59. Aighen

    Hello everybody,

    I have had the ISTQB exam last week and I have unfortunately failed , due to the fact that I had practiced the Questions collected from my mates for at list last 2 years.
    The exam’s questions were very confusing,very complicated in content and not a single question was exactly as those from the practice exam papers I collected from the internet and friends.
    What puzzled me much was the completely changing in wording for the questions and for the applications (4 or 5 of them were quite “at the first sight” ones).
    Being at the first sight take much time than for the the classical ones, even if your knowledge is good enough
    I have to mention that FIRST I had studied : Dorothy Graham – ISTQB -Foundations of Software Testing and ISTQB_CTFL_Syll+2011 , and after that I have run the collected dumps.
    My understanding is that the Exam’s Questions have been seriously modified and I am interested if ““A Complete Study Material Package for ISTQB Foundation Level Exam.”” contains quite some of examples the this new format.
    I have also to mention that the registration was done from Pearson Vue and has the following code : ISEB-SWT2: ISTQB-ISEB Certified Tester Foundation Level



    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Yes, we know the free materials available in the internet are very old. The exam patterns have changed a lot. However, we can assure you that our premium questions are based on new patterns. You should try our premium materials for your next attempt. Good luck.

  60. veetil puthi

    How come nobody is rating your material after using it? If there is , please direct me there. I would like to see the review before I purchase the material.

  61. Meghana

    Hi.. I wanted to know is ISTQB Foundation level and ISEB-SWT2: ISTQB-ISEB Certified Tester Foundation Level are same exams

  62. Manjari Ramadas


    If I get the material now, can I use it for attempting exams next year 2017. How long would it take to prepare for the exam. Please suggest.


    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Currently available in digital format downloadable directly into your PC. Hard copies are not available.

  63. Sadhna

    Hi ,

    I have exam in march 2017.

    How can i get study material and mock test material to pass this exam . Please let me know.


  64. Sharma

    I am from Australia
    Do you have ISTQB foundation level material for ANZTB ? Please reply me as soon as possible

  65. Sharitha

    I’m planning to take the exam in mid March17. Will it be useful, if I get the material now? How long is enough to study the material?

  66. Deepmala

    I already purchased but when I am trying to open download files they ask me about password.please tell me how to open all files. what’s the password

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      There is a text file included in the folder. The password is available in that text file. If you are still having issues, please write an email to us.

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