Download ISTQB Apps for Your Smartphone

There are few free smartphone apps that can help you in ISTQB Exam preparation. These ISTQB apps are available free of cost from Android Google Play and iPhone App Store. Feel free to download/install these apps and use if for your exam preparation.

Free ISTQB Apps

Description Download Apps

TestGloss® App allows any Software Test Engineers worldwide to have a free ISTQB® Glossary terms available at any given time. The TestGloss® App provides an International knowledgebase of QA & Software Testing terms and keywords. Click on the icon to download it in your iOS or android smartphone.

ISTQB - Mobile apps - iOS
ISTQB - Mobile apps - Android
TestCompetence ISTQB®

TestCompetence Mobile is a mechanism which allows you to view and answer sample exam questions.Version ISTQB includes 2 exams with 40 questions from ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level PRACTICE EXAM. Click on the icon to download it in your android smartphone.

ISTQB - Mobile apps - Android

iTestee Flash Cards for the ISTQB® Foundation Exam preparation. iTestee contains a series of questions you should absolutely know before your Exam. Click on the icon to download it in your iPhone.

ISTQB - Mobile apps - iOS


Benefits of installing ISTQB Web & Mobile Apps:

When you install these ISTQB apps on your smartphone, you can virtually use if anywhere just like another application. These apps are really useful for glossary and ISTQB mock exams. Very handy while preparing for your ISTQB exam and you can use it when you are travelling or not in front of a computer.

How to use these ISTQB Web & Mobile Apps:

Download and install the above apps according to your smartphone’s operating system. Login to the application and use the contents of the application. You can ignore any kinds of training information provided as part of the applications. There are some paid applications from 3rd party app developers too but you can ignore them if you are using our Premium Study materials.

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