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ISTQB Success Stories : How Alex Prepared for ISTQB Exam

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ISTQB Success Stories : How Alex Prepared for ISTQB Exam

ISTQB Success Story – 2

Alex works as a tester in San Jose, California. He recently passed his ISTQB Foundation Level exam. Alex had been planning to attempt the foundation level exam since he started his career as a software tester 3 years back. He finally attempted the exam and passed in his first attempt. Alex scored a perfect 40/40 in the exam. Read his ISTQB.Guru Review at the end.

ISTQB Guru: Why is ISTQB exam important for you?
Alex: I am in Silicon Valley and whenever I see a job description in the sites such as most of the employers are looking for testers with some kind of credentials such as ISTQB exam. I decided to have this certification because I thought it would give me an advantage in my job search.

ISTQB Guru: Where did you take the exam from?
Alex: I took the exam from California, USA from a Pearson Vue center.

ISTQB Guru: How did you prepare for your exam?
Alex: Since I was already experienced in the software testing field, it was bit easier to understand the syllabus and pattern of the exam. However, I had to prepare for the mock test. I completely read the book and solved practice papers. I think reading the syllabus is also important because by doing so you can expect what kind of concepts you should know to solve the exam questions.

ISTQB Guru: How long did it take for you to prepare for the exam?
Alex: Since I was working full time, I could give only an hour of study every day. I guess I studied for around a month before the actual exam.

ISTQB Guru: Did you attend any ISTQB training course?
Alex: No, I did not feel it was worth it. I had the best materials for ISTQB Foundation level – the premium guide created by ISTQB Guru.

ISTQB Guru: Any advice for people who want to attempt the exam?
Alex: Get the basics clear. It is all about the concepts. You don’t have to gulp the concepts. Just know it and solve the questions. Use a good set of practice papers.

ISTQB Guru: Did passing the ISTQB exam help you professionally?
Alex: I hope so. It would help me in my next job search.

ISTQB Guru: What would be your one line honest ISTQB.Guru Review?
Alex: I would say this is fantastic!

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