How to pass ISTQB Certification Exam

Many people asking me how to pass ISTQB Certification exam on my ISTQB certification blog. Let me share few tips on how to pass ISTQB foundation exam today.

How to pass ISTQB certification exam

How to pass ISTQB certification exam

Here are the best tips on how to pass ISTQB certification exam –

  1. Read the latest ISTQB Foundation Level Syllabus from ISTQB official site.
  2. The best ISTQB book “Foundation of Software Testing: ISTQB Certification” by Rex Black, Dorothy Graham. This is the best book for certified tester foundation level exam.
  3. Once you read the syllabus and the recommended book, test your knowledge by attempting some ISTQB mock exams from sample papers available in the internet.
  4. Go through the “Foundation of Software Testing: ISTQB Certification” book again. Yes, you need to read the book twice. Do not ignore it.
  5. Read and solve special section like branch, path, and statement coverage questions. Try to understand the concept and you will be easily able to attempt the questions correctly.
  6. Make a list of useful glossary, frequently used definitions. Make some cards and print the glossaries on them. Keep them handy for frequent reading and while solving ISTQB Certification Exam sample papers.
  7. Gather some actual questions, practice sample papers and try to solve them within the exam stipulated time. 40 questions in 90 minutes for each ISTQB Foundation mock exam.
  8. Try to find out how many questions you attempted correctly in the mock tests. ISTQB Foundation pass mark – you need to score more than 26 questions correctly out of 40 questions.
  9. You can find all the above mentioned study materials at a very nominal donation of 35 USD or Rs. 1850/- from our site. The study material contains all the above mentioned points for easy and sure success in ISTQB Foundation Level exam.
  10. The study materials include free ISTQB book PDF, flash cards, sample question papers, ISTQB Dumps 2014 premium questions which will help you pass the actual exam easily.
  11. Before the ISTQB foundation exam dates, go over the important topics once again and then revise the premium ISTQB Dumps 2014. You will also get the updated ISTQB Dumps 2015 if you are planning to attempt the exam later. The update is free of cost.
  12. Join this google group – Software Testing Updates to get more information about ISTQB and Software Testing Certification in General. Also you can follow this blog by subscribing it from the right hand sidebar. More Step by Step on ISTQB Certification Exam.
  13. Read our ISTQB Success Stories and find out how they prepared for the exam.
  14. We have also written a detailed article on how to pass ISTQB Certification exam with more detailed step by step ISTQB preparation Guide available here.

How much time is required for preparation of ISTQB Foundation Level Exam?

I would like all of you to spend at least 25 to 30 calendar days for preparation assuming you will at least spend 50-60 hours for the study. It is not just about the spending the time, you should learn and understand the concept and should try to relate with your practical testing experience. I am sure if you do so you will never have to worry about how to pass ISTQB Exam foundation certification.

Follow the above golden rules on how to pass ISTQB exam and I am sure you surely pass this exam in your next attempt easily.

If you would like to get my complete study materials ISTQB Foundation Level Exam then get more information here.

Leave comments below if you have any doubts on how to pass ISTQB exam and how to prepare for ISTQB foundation exam.

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  1. Noor

    I am in Canada, I failed the exam in first attempt by studying on my own, i studied for a week and thought would be enough but the exam was hard as it seems to be, Will your material be able to help? Do i have to buy any additional books after purchasing your material?


    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Hi Noor,
      Yes, our material will surely help you. This package covers everything. You will not need any additional books/study materials once you have our premium guide.

      1. Noor

        How much do i have to pay in CAD $ to get the premium guide, do i get any discounts for Cad or can i pay in INR @ less price instead?

        1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

          That should be an easy currency convert, right? You can pay in INR too, the amount is mentioned in our site.

          If you are looking for discounts, we have have lots of free sample papers in our site. 100% discounted.

  2. mallikarjun

    Sir I just want to know if I clear the foundation level exam will I have good job opportunities? I am sorry to ask this but I really dont know the benefits.thank yor regards Mallikarjun

  3. sangeetha

    It’s mentioned as I will get the free ISTQB book PDF, flash cards, sample question papers in the package does the ISTQB book mean “Foundations of Software Testing ISTQB Certification by Rex Black , Erik van Veenendaal, Dorothy Graham “. Please do let me know whether to buy book and package individually. If so I will order the book and buy the package. Thank you.

  4. Srividya

    Hello Sir/Madam ,
    I wish to give the foundation level exam.Any practice materials and dumps can i get ?
    I purchased a book by Ron Patton ,is that enough?
    And time frame of 30 days ok for preparation ?
    Kindly Reply

  5. Lindy

    Hello. If I pay for the ISTQB Foundation dump, will I get it instantly? And, if I do the questions thouroughly, will I definitely pass…I am running out of time to study everything.

  6. vaishali

    Hi, want to know ,how I can prepare for istqb with in 15 days,I have a book that you suggested, I have completed reading a book

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Which book did you read? Do you have our premium study materials? That should make your preparation systematic and easy.

  7. sneha

    Hi, I am going to take istqb foundation exam in germany. Please share me details of material and cost and mode of payment..

    1. ISTQB Guru Article Author

      Depends on how much you already know about testing. Take a standard one month period for revision of the syllabus multiple times.

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