I have seen online advertisements training courses that will help you pass ISTQB Certification in 3 Days. These are offered by self declared reputable training companies. Often we also get questions from students asking if they should attempt ISTQB exam without having any software testing experience.

Before we answer any such questions we have to understand one key concept. That is passing the exam itself is not the gold standard proof of having good knowledge in testing. By passing ISTQB exam (by reading and understanding key concepts about software testing, reading a book or two about software testing, know the standard glossary terms of software testing) we are assuming that you have at least tried to grasp the common standard knowledge of software testing.

If you work as a software tester, this certification will benefit you. You will talk in common language of software testing. You will be able to relate your practical knowledge with the theoretical concepts outlined in the ISTQB syllabus. With few years of practical experience, this exam is really easy to pass. You will just have to connect the knowledge with skill.

However, if you are very new to software testing, no practical knowledge, you should not attempt this exam. I know you still can attempt and pass this exam without testing skill. But that won’t be helpful. Think about it. It will be like learning to ride a bike by reading a book.

Reading a book about a bike is helpful but that itself will not help you learn riding a bike. But if you already know how to ride a bike, then when you read a book explaining the physics of equilibrium of the bike you peddle it will amaze you. It will give you a good understanding of how bike actually works.

ISTQB exam is similar. Just attending a training program that claims to give you ISTQB Certification in 3 Days, will not help you much. First get some practical knowledge about software testing. Then read few books and syllabus. Solve questions papers. Practice with some free ISTQB Dumps from our website. It would be an easy job.

Good luck with your ISTQB exam.