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ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager Dumps – 2

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ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager Dumps – 2

ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager Dumps

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Solve the sample questions for your preparation. There are a total of 65 sample questions for Test Manager level. Click for 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th part.

Topic 3, Scenario 3 “Tool Selection and Implementation”
Your company is considering whether or not to purchase a test tool suite from a respectable
vendor. Your manager has searched the internet for comparable products but none of them meets
his specific requirements. A tool demonstration has been arranged for next week and your team
has been invited to attend. The tool suite consists of a test management tool, test execution tool
and a requirements management tool. There is the possibility of adding a performance testing tool
at a later stage. You have decided to attend the demo but raise some issues beforehand regarding

Select THREE issues from the options provided that should at least be raised.
A. Has there been sufficient comparison of tools?
B. What are the problems we are trying to address?
C. Do we have a set of tool requirements to validate the tool against?
D. How will the implementation be organized?
E. Which project will be selected to perform the tool pilot?
F. Is customized training available?
G. How will the change process be managed?
Which of the following would you least expect to form part of the analysis of initial tool costs?
A. Integration with other tools
B. Learning time required to use the new tool
C. Tool portability
D. Evaluation of suitable tools
Topic 4, Scenario 4, V2 “Test Management Tool”
The project situation after 11 months is:
– The first increment was released one week late but contained sufficient functionality to be
declared fit for purpose’. However, there were 20 outstanding incidents deferred to increment two.
– The amount of voluntary overtime worked PV the test team has reduced the second Increment
slippage to just 3 weeks.
– There is talk of reducing the scope of requirements. The purpose of this is to first deliver the
application with support for manual testing and then to provide a delivery * weeks later to resolve
any remaining points and provide support for automated testing (i.e. the link to the capture-replay
– Concerns have been expressed by a section of the user community, that in some places the
usability is very poor.

Which of the following are valid reasons for adopting a different life cycle (from the V model), for
increments after the first year?
i. We do not have a clear understanding of the requirements from a customer perspective.
ii. We see the risk of delivering requested functionality late as being higher than the risk of
delivering a lower quality product.
iii. We do not have a budget for additional regression testing which is needed to ensure that
existing functionality is not compromised by future iterations.
iv. The company test strategy does not fit well within the V life cycle model.
A. (i) and (ii)
B. (i) and (iv)
C. (ii) and (iii)
D. (ii) and (iv)
Which of the following is a characteristic of good testing in any life cycle model?
A. Analysis and design of tests begins as soon as development is completed.
B. Some, but not all, development activities have corresponding test activities.
C. Each test level has test objectives specific to that level.
D. All document reviews involve the development team.
Which of the following would you expect to see in the master test plan?
A. A description of how the test cases are cross-referenced to requirements in the test
management tool.
B. A detailed identification of the resources that will carry out structural testing in the first iteration.
C. The test approach that will be applied at system integration testing.
D. A list of the names of the testers who will carry out the performance testing for the final
Which of the following would be the most significant input to estimating the time to carry out the
specified testing tasks?
A. The skills and experience of developers to correct the failures.
B. The standards used for the requirements specification.
C. The metrics recorded from testing the capture-replay tool.
D. The number of testers in the company and their grade.
Which of the following would be the TWO most appropriate examples of entry criteria documented
in the system integration test plan?
A. The percentage of decision coverage achieved during unit testing.
B. The availability of the latest version of the capture-replay tool (for testing the interface with the
newly developed test management tool).
C. The sign-off of a performance test software release note (test item transmittal report) by both
development and testing showing that system performance meets the specified acceptance
D. The percentage of acceptance test procedures scheduled for execution.
E. The percentage of requirements coverage achieved during system integration test.
Which test management control option is most appropriate to adopt under these circumstances?
A. Introduce mandatory evening and weekend working to retrieve the 3 week slippage.
B. Reconsider the exit criteria and review the test plan in the context of the current situation.
C. Advise the user community regarding the reduced scope of requirements and the additional
incremental delivery.
D. Arrange a meeting with the user community representatives to discuss the user interface.
Risks should be constantly reviewed. Given the current situation, which one of the following
factors is most likely to lead to a revised view of product risk?
A. The concerns over the user interface may lead to changes to the interface which cannot be
implemented by development in time for the second test iteration.
B. The concerns over the user interface raises the likelihood of a risk in that area and increases
the amount of test effort needed for the user interface, thereby limiting the test effort available for
other parts of the test management tool.
C. The delivery of the application without the interface changes may upset the user community.
D. The method used for test estimation is not accurate enough and hence the money spent on
testing exceeded its budget.
Which of the following is least likely to be used as a technique to identify project and product
A. Brainstorming
B. Inspections
C. Expert interviews
D. Independent assessments
Which of the following is a project risk mitigation step you might take as test manager?
A. Testing for performance problems
B. Hiring a contractor after a test analyst leaves the company
C. Arranging a back-up test environment in case the existing one fails during testing
D. Performing a project retrospective meeting using the test results after each increment

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