Many ISTQB aspirants asked us if they should attend ISTQB training courses or they should study the ISTQB training materials themselves and attempt the exam. Let us discuss each of the aspect before we try to answer this question.

ISTQB Training Class or Self Study?

ISTQB Training: ISTQB Training providers conduct classes usually 2-3 weeks courses. They go through the syllabus and discuss the exam patterns etc. These classes are costly and certain accredited ISTQB training courses charge up to 2000 dollars or more for the training.

Who should take class room training?

If you a fresh college graduate and have not previous experience in software testing and would like to know the concepts from the basic to advanced level then you should go for this kind of class room training. There are person who cannot self-study and need a push or two of external motivation, they can also take the ISTQB class room training. However, remember that the courses are costly unless there is a very good and low cost ISTQB training provider in your local area.

ISTQB Self-Study Option

There are very good ISTQB training materials available which you can purchase or download from websites such as and study on your own to attempt the ISTQB foundation level exam. This is a cheaper option but requires discipline and self-motivation.

Often it is hard to find good ISTQB study materials and even harder to determine the authentic study materials. If you are going for this cheaper option, make sure that you have the access to the best materials. That would help your preparation less time consuming and easier.

Who should go for self-study?

If you are already a software tester, have experience in the field, know the practices and terminology used in software testing industry, then you are a good candidate for self-study mode. Even new comers can opt for this method if they can collect the best study materials organized in such a way that they can easily grasp the concepts with the help of charts, flash cards and short cut notes. They should also read the best recommended ISTQB book and ISTQB training material pdf. With little bit of effort you can save thousands of dollars that you were going to spend on getting class room training.

ISTQB Online Video Training Courses?

There are number of website offering online video training for ISTQB exam. Mostly those are pre-recorded videos available in Udemy or similar content providers. Most of the courses are also available free of cost in Youtube. However, the you have to consider the quality of the training materials. Getting a free or low cost video course with high quality can be an addition to self study mode for ISTQB aspirants.

Save money by self-study. How?

If you are interested in passing the ISTQB Foundation level exam in your first attempt, by minimum but in an organized way of studying, then we have created a Premium study package for the foundation level. With our years of experience in creating authentic ISTQB study materials we know the syllabus and exam patterns. In addition, our short cut key, flash card and tips help ISTQB aspirants grasp the knowledge easy. Moreover, we have created audio mp3 files which you can listen from your smartphone when you are travelling – a perfect win-win formula to save money and time. Click here for details.

In the future, we are also planning to introduce low cost ISTQB training for the benefit of the thousands of ISTQB aspirants who want to save money and time.